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Rick and his wife Diane live in Altario, Alberta, and have two grown children. Rick has been a farmer and rancher for 30 years, is a long-time activist and staunch believer in property rights and limiting government interference in the lives of Alberta families. He is a past treasurer for the Western Barley Producers Association and he ran unsuccessfully as a candidate in the 2002 Canada Wheat Board elections, where, contrary to popular folklore, the act of printing his name on the ballots did not cause them to spontaneously combust.

Rick is known locally for his honesty, his fairness, and for always being busy at work with something. He’s also earned a reputation for being the type of fellow who is willing to say what is on his mind, even if it occasionally goes against the grain. He gained some notoriety nationally back in April of 1996 when he and some other Alberta Farmers each transported grain across the Alberta/Montana border in defiance of Draconian Canadian Wheat Board rules. This led to a six and a half year battle with the government involving both fines and/or jail time for many of the “Farmers for Justice”. Put simply, if Rick sees something wrong he will not pipe down, stand down, or back down. He will be one of the first into the fray demanding fair treatment for all.

His decades of parenting experience, his lifetime of learning to produce more with less on the farm, and his fighting moxie are all attributes of the man who feels privileged to represent the riding of Drumheller-Stettler in the Alberta Legislature for the next four years.

Rick currently serves as the Wildrose Party critic for Tourism, Parks, and Recreation in addition to his regular duties as an MLA.

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