Farmer’s day

For most people Agriculture has been associated with the production of basic food items we all consume. Agriculture’s role as an economic process and contributor to the overall financial and social health of our country and Alberta is often overlooked. There are a host of other occupations that are ultimately related to farming and agriculture that also play a significant role in our economy.

For over 50 years in Alberta the second Friday in June was a provincial holiday known as Farmer’s Day. Communities throughout the province observed the importance and impact agriculture plays in the everyday lives of Albertans. Sadly, Farmer’s day is no longer recognized as an official holiday however the impact the farming community has is still widely recognized and appreciated by a great many people throughout Alberta.

The United Farmers of Alberta cooperative understand how important the farming community is to the social fabric of the province and chose to continue to celebrate this day and acknowledge the hard work and contribution of Alberta’s farmers and their families. On June 9 UFA locations showed their appreciation to their local farmers and communities by hosting several farm store events.

This past year Alberta farmers have seen a host of incredibly trying circumstances beyond their control that have negatively affected their ability to produce crops and sustain their operations. Late season rain and the onset of an early winter left almost a million acres unharvested in the central Alberta region.

My Wildrose colleague and MLA for Little Bow David Schneider delivered a Member’s Statement recently in the legislature that summed up how the Alberta government has been exacerbating the issues farmers are facing;

“While Mother Nature is as unpredictable as ever, what hasn’t been is how this government has been treating rural landowners and farmers. The vague, ill-conceived patchwork of legislation that is Bill 6 has done nothing but create animosity and distrust as this government stumbled through botched consultation and ignored the very people it purported to be helping.

To compound matters, a carbon tax was dropped upon farm and ranch operations, and the government seemed genuinely shocked that anyone would question its impact. The fact is that the brunt of calls I get are from agribusiness operations that cannot be competitive on the world stage because of this punitive tax.” -David Schneider, MLA for Littlebow

Congratulations to the United Farmers of Alberta for showing the corporate social leadership in recognizing the vital role their customer base plays in everything that is Alberta. June 9th may have been the day designated as “Farmer’s Day” but their contributions are visible and play and important role in all our lives every day of the year.

On behalf of the entire province of Alberta I would like to extend our heart felt appreciation for the contributions of everyone in the agriculture industry for everything they do.



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