***Rick Strankman to run as an Independent Candidate in the next Provincial Election***

STETTLER February 18: Drumheller Stettler MLA Rick Strankman, an Independent member of the Legislature for the remainder of this term of government after leaving UCP, has a better idea for representing his constituents in the coming election.

“At the urging of many constituents, friends and family, I have decided to contest the upcoming provincial election as an Independent candidate,” Mr. Strankman told a room full of grassroots direct democracy advocates in Stettler today. “After nearly seven years as an MLA shackled with Party-first priorities, it is clear that Alberta’s party system of government has stripped effective representation and across-the-board best interests from Alberta’s citizens. Running for election and winning office as an Independent will enable me to restore the priorities of all Drumheller Stettler citizens to the front lines of the Legislature and advance their priorities for resurrecting Alberta’s prosperity.” he said.


Legislature independence will open avenues of progress in the next term of government. Strankman outlined some of those initiatives.

One is to continue the battle begun by Farmers for Justice dating back to 1995, resulting in the dissolution of the Canadian Wheat Board and establishing the rights of grain producers to market and sell their products where they benefit the most. “The goal now is to entrench requisite property rights for all Albertans,” Strankman explained.


Advancing a new irrigation project for the Special Areas, along with other infrastructure initiatives, are important priorities to help accelerate Drumheller Stettler economic development and elevate local prosperity.


Reducing the tax load is overdue. This relief needs to be delivered to the constituency’s young people, families, companies which are both employers and job creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and seniors. Alberta needs a better solution to global warming impacts than a carbon tax. In addition, current issues important to Alberta’s young generations need attention, ranging from environmental priorities and improved job creation to targeted advances in education and community development.


“Central to all of these initiatives is a grassroots direct democracy model for input into these, and other provincial initiatives that must respect and reflect the priorities and opinions of all the citizens of Drumheller Stettler. Like all of you, I want your voices heard in Edmonton,” Strankman said. “my helpers and I will conduct regular community consultations across the constituency on issues important to our people.”

For more information please contact;

Don Reimer, (403) 888-4614