The façade of special interest

To say that the political landscape in Alberta has been obscured in recent years would be an understatement, to say the least! Since the 2015 provincial election, Albertans have watched as the provincial government has systematically attempted to dismantle the foundation of our economy and our culture. Fortunately, Albertans are seeing that the socialist utopia façade that has failed repeatedly isn’t for them. After consulting with many of the constituents of Drumheller-Stettler, it is clear that they simply are not interested in a promise of another incarnation of that utopian façade for special interest.

Stepping back and viewing things from a different perspective often gives us a view of our surroundings that contradicts the hands of misdirection that tells a different story. Free from the encumbrances of the hand of misdirection, a clearer picture emerges.

Recently, I was invited as a guest to the Filcan basketball tournament hosted by members of the Philippine community in Drumheller. The 4 teams from Stettler, Hanna, Three Hills, and Drumheller played some spirited games and provided the large crowd with some great entertainment. What caught my attention was the pride the players and fans; many of them having chosen Canada as their home, had as they stood to honour our flag and country prior to the commencement of the tournament.

The perspective of a new Canadian that respectfully appreciates all Alberta and Canada has to offer and stands for, cannot be swayed by the misdirection of the power-hungry. They came to Alberta from thousands of miles away and made that choice specifically over any other destination. They chose this spot on the globe over all others because it offers a quality of life that surpasses other options offered anywhere else in the world. However, obviously the Alberta government does not share that sentiment. What other reason could they have for wanting to change our lifestyle, culture, and economy so drastically?

When you’re standing for our national anthem with new Canadians who appreciate Alberta; it has a profound effect on your perspective. The perspective gained allows a clearer picture to come into focus; a picture that illustrates that sometimes all is not what it appears to be.

Politics attracts special interest groups that are intent on imposing legislation or policy that accommodates for the minority rather than the majority. Albertans have watched as small ideologically motivated groups have continued to obscure the real picture of why so many people strive to get to Canada and then want to make it their home.

There is no disputing that we can always improve and should always try to improve, but to hastily impose changes that fundamentally change our society is not in the best interests of the majority. The energy industry, which is the bedrock of Alberta’s economy, is the target of the job-killing carbon tax that has chased away untold investment and jobs from this province. Time and again we see that the carbon tax is rooted in the dogma of special interest groups that are intent on forcing an ideology on the masses under the guise of a utopian façade.

Like many of my new Canadian friends, we want a return to the Alberta that works for the majority, not special interests.



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