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Rick Strankman, MLA

Rick was first elected to the Alberta Legislature in April of 2012. He was one of only five MLAs that stayed loyal to the Wildrose after an historic floor crossing.

Rick Strankman

In May of 2015 Rick was re elected by the constituents of Drumheller Stettler.

Rick has owned and operated a farming business since 1973. From 1999 to 2011 he also volunteered as secretary/treasurer of the Western Barley Growers Association. Although initially interested in agriculture he became increasingly involved in politics and social activism in response to federal regulation of the agriculture industry, including legislation relating to the Canadian Wheat Board. His commitment to public service began early on and as a youth Rick was honoured with the Queen’s scout award by Boy Scouts of Canada. Rick also has a keen interest in aviation and has held a pilot’s licence and done aerial application since 1974.[2]

Strankman was jailed in 2002 after being charged under the Customs Act for taking 756 bushels of wheat across the U.S. border in protest of the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly.  Rick and 12 other farmers arrested received a pardon from Prime Minister Stephen Harper on August 1, 2012, when the federal government’s Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act came into effect, which allowed producers to opt out of the Canadian Wheat Board and sell wheat on the open market.

Rick and the Western Barley Growers Association after third reading of Bill C-18 Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act.

At a reunion with 12 of 13 farmers who had been jailed for taking wheat across the border, Rick stood by his decision to participate in the act of civil disobedience. 

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In Alberta’s diverse climate access to affordable reliable energy is essential to our daily lives. The relative cost of that energy and its affordability has a direct effect on the ability of every day Alberta families. Over the last decade, Alberta’s electrical system has gone through upgrades and changes of direction that have cost us …

Statement by Rick Strankman MLA Drumheller Stettler

Altario, AB; March 13, 2019—Independent MLA Rick Strankman, former provincial Agriculture Critic for Wildrose and United Conservatives, issued the following statement after UCP’s recent unveiling of a property rights plan. As an independent conservative and former member of the Kenney shadow cabinet, Mr. Strankman notes the UCP caucus, in the context of their property rights …


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